The simple way to manage all your medicial procedures, with start and end time, for reporting and billing.
Single member or managing a large team?

Our secure app has been designed to help both single users or large teams with several managers and doctors.

We take the confidentiality of your data very seriously. Your data is regularly backed up and only the project managers and team members have access to the data.

Generate billing and profit reports automatically
Generate billing and profit reports automatically
All your records in one place

With a few clicks you can keep a record of the procedures carried out, with start and end time.

Keep track of how much you have earned so far each month.

Managing your procedures

Keep a simple list of procedures you normally carry out.

With a quick overview of which procedures are most frequently performed.

Simple forms allow you to quickly input your entries
The status report contains all the information you need for reconciliation
Reporting entries with a single click

Whenever you are ready you can report your 'unreported' procedures with a single click.

Manage your trials, entries and reports on the go

The website is fully responsive, working on most of the popular web browsers, workstations, laptops and smartphones. The website is approved by Parexel to be used on their workstation.

A web app that can be used from your Parexel desktop, or on the go
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